Safety messages of the GP20 Shredder Hybrid

The GP20 Shredder Hybrid contains numerous safety switches to ensure proper and safe operation, often caused by misplaced components. Read here how to simply reinstall them and fix the issue!

The GP20 Shredder Hybrid has safety mechanics in place to prevent damage to the machine, to the operator and to ensure all parts to operate successfully are present. Below you'll find the basics to check before starting to operate the machine and what other secured items could possibly cause the machine to stop working.

Basic checks

Emergency stop pressed

The emergency stop might have been used to halt the operation. The emergency stop locks into place when pressed, preventing further operation.


  • Rotate the emergency stop clockwise.
  • The emergency stop should 'pop-up', confirming it from being released
  • Restart the machine via the main menu

Machine link safety cables

The control boxes of the machine are linked by safety cables to the Hopper, Shredder, Granulator and Container of the machine. These cables connect the safety switches of the components and transfer this data constantly to ensure the machine is safe for operation. Possible causes for this issue:

  • The machine link cable is disconnected
  • The machine linked machine safety sensor triggered


  • Ensure all machine link cables are connected between the components of the machine. These are located between the Shredder and the Hopper, and the Granulator and the Container. The last step of the assembly instructions describe this.
  • Check the linked components of the machine. Are all safety handles, switches and buttons properly engaged?

Secured items

Hopper not secured

The Hopper, located on the top of the machine, has safety switches in place to ensure no unwanted material can fall into the machine and protects the safety of the operator. When the Hopper is not installed correctly, the system will not operate.


Left or Right Shredder comb not placed

The Shredder combs are a vital part of the machine and have sensors in place to ensure they are installed correctly.


Granulator door panel not secured

The Granulator door protects the Granulator Rotor and closes the system to ensure material is fed through the Granulator knives correctly. If the door is open, this could lead to damage or injury.


Outlet not secured

The outlet of the GP20 Shredder, also known as the Container, collects the shredded material for future processing. Sensors are in place to guarantee correct functionality of the machine.


Hybrid interlock is not secure

The GP20 Shredder Hybrid interlocks ensure the safety features of the components are all in place, before operating the machine. Possible causes are:

  • The Container or Hopper are not secured by the clamps.
  • The sliders (two black knobs) are not all the way not all the way in.


Contact support

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