Using the GP20 Shredder Hybrid user interface

Detailed information on the GP20 Shredder Hybrid user interface to operate the machine.


Make sure the voltage of the power supply matches the voltage indicated on the sticker next to the power socket.

  • Press the on switch.

The display will show the home screen, where the status of the machine is shown, as well as the temperature of the granulating chamber.

  • Adjust the hopper feeder aperture according to your needs.
  • Press the button to enter the menu and press “Start Granulating”. Confirm by clicking “Yes”, and subsequently the granulator will start.
  • Feed the material or parts into the hopper. Make sure the parts are not too big to be fed into the opening of the granulator.
  • Press “Stop Granulating” in the main menu if you are finished granulating. It is advised to only do this if the granulating chamber is completely empty, which can be detected based on the sound the process is making.

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